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The Roses of the Magdalene

It is written in some ancient texts, most of which no longer exist upon your Earth, that at the foot of the crucifixion Mary Magdalene wept two tears which fell upon the Earth and magically caused roses to grow and blossom and bloom beneath the feet of her beloved Jesus: the Roses of the Magdalene.

Some say, of course, that these roses were miraculously brought into manifestation not at the foot of the cross, but at other times and in other places.

Sometimes the Rose of the Magdalene is referred to as the Rose of Israel or the Rose of Jerusalem and they are not considered to have been formed by the tears of Mary Magdalene at all but by the tears of other saints or holy masters.

The truth is that these roses were never actually real but that the mention of them has always been symbolic, a representation of two very powerful vortices or Earth chakras, one indeed which does exist in Jerusalem and another of which exists in Israel. The connection between these Earth vortices and Mary Magdalene is related to the nature of the energy that Mary Magdalene carried in those times, the energy of the Magdalene Flame, the feminine aspect and expression of the Christ energy.

These vortices were the last two vortices that held and anchored this energy on to the planet before the power fell dormant and disappeared from this physical plane. These two chakras, the Roses of the Magdalene, which existed in Israel and Jerusalem and which were held and sustained by Mary Magdalene until the end of her physical life on Earth were the last Earth vortices that remained anchoring the power and the presence of the Magdalene Flame, the feminine expression of the Christ consciousness, holding to the Earth the energy of the great Divine Mother, Sophia and Shekinah, until the presence of the Divine Feminine, the Universal Mother blinked out upon the Earth and was replaced completely by the patriarchal expression and perception of God.

I am Lady Nada, she who was once Mary Magdalene. The vortices that existed upon the Earth at this time were held in sway by my will and presence on the Earth as the final of the priestesses of the Divine Mother, the final of the priestesses who acted as avatars through which the power of the Magdalene Flame existed on Earth.

Of course, long after my ascension, priests and priestesses, in various different places throughout the world, continued to venerate the Divine Mother in all her many different names and forms. Even though the Magdalene Flame no longer existed here upon the Earth or in their hearts it was still possible to venerate the great Goddess. It was simply no longer the case that her presence would be known and felt in the consciousness and hearts of the all. Now the Goddess would retreat into those lands that had always held her sacred and her presence would only be truly known and felt there in these ancient lands of truth.

In time, of course, with the Magdalene Flame no longer present to sustain this awareness of the Divine Feminine it was only a matter of time before the patriarchal Christianity would spread out and completely consume the awareness and veneration of its own feminine half. And this is indeed what occurred, almost entirely, though in certain places and cultures and secret orders and covens, held by those who had been taught the mysteries handed down to them by their ancestors before them, the Goddess was still acknowledged and her presence in a shadowy form was held upon the Earth.

Recently the return of the Magdalene Flame has occurred within the consciousness of mankind and into the very fabric of your reality. The return of the energy that will pave the way for the full return of the Divine Mother’s presence into the hearts, minds and spirits of the men and women of your Earth and back into the very fabric of matter itself to its fullest and most powerful extent.

As was once before so will it be again that the Divine Mother will be known and acknowledged as an equal standing side by side with her male consort completing the sacred marriage and union which will in time enable the androgynous and perfectly harmonious presence of the Divine in all its limitlessness to be experienced and expressed through mankind’s own being. But before this can occur the presence of the Magdalene Flame needs to be more greatly anchored upon the Earth and so the Flame will begin to be more powerfully held in place and distributed throughout the physical plane and the consciousness of mankind through the resurrection of the Roses of the Magdalene.

The two Earth vortices in Israel and Jerusalem, which were the last to exist upon the planet to hold this powerful energy in sway, have recently been re-awoken. Over the past months they have slowly grown in strength and soon they will be ready to lend their energy so that other vortices of a similar nature may be created. The creation of the Roses of the Magdalene will be put into the care and place of the lightworkers of this world, those men and women who will be guided to take up this call and plant a seed of the rose energy into those locations to which they will be drawn, so that through the resurrection of this ancient power they may play their part in resuscitating and anchoring this vital presence and force.

In order to do this, individually or in a group, however large or small that may be, individuals who are touched and guided, inspired by this message and directly through their connection with Spirit should allow themselves to be guided to such a place where a seed is to be planted and there together join their consciousness as one and reach out to one of the two roses that exists already on this Earth. To draw energy from these roses, from these Earth vortices, like taking a cutting from a plant and using it to re-seed that plant within the place to which they have been drawn.

Using their will, their consciousness, their bodies as the conduit through which this energy may pass into the Earth in order to holographically recreate the rose within this location. To see the rose beginning to grow, beginning to open, beginning to blossom, beginning to bloom, to see it reaching out through the existing root system of the ley lines of the Earth and tying and weaving its energy into the planet. Feeding the rose with the loving energy of the Divine and calling down the presence of the Magdalene Flame into it so that this Light and power may begin to become more substantially connected to our world and its consciousness.

If people are misguided to a location they need not fear, for the energy of the Roses of the Magdalene is an energy which is overseen by my presence and power and the presence of the great Universal Mother herself and her attendant angels and therefore if mankind have chosen locations which are not intended to be new homes and hosts to the rose energy it will simply wither and fail to root itself within this place. Therefore mankind need not fear their own intention or doubt their own intuition for even if they act inadvertently in folly they will do no harm. But mankind is needed to anchor this energy for the energy needs to be made manifest in the physical body of the Earth and that cannot be done by Spirit alone and therefore mankind is required to become the physical anchor points through which this new energy may grow.

Mankind may, if they so choose, embellish upon the simple ritual that has been mentioned, add to it in celebration and deeper ceremony their own songs, chants, prayers, their own channellings, in order to commemorate and make of this service to the Light something beautiful, powerful and profound. But also mankind must understand that in order to activate such a rose it is not necessarily required that such grandiose ceremony is entered into and one person with simple intent, seeking to connect with the power of the roses that exist and to draw from them the seed that is needed in order to create another, who works in all earnestness and intent, will be successful in this endeavour.

The Magdalene Flame is an energy which was created for man in order to align them to the presence of the Divine Mother. In the beginning it was part of mankind’s inheritance, as is the Christ Fire. When it was lost mankind as a whole lost their aware connection to the presence of the Divine Mother, which led to her fading away from the Earth, which led to mankind’s awareness of her existence becoming less of a reality and more of a dream or fairytale.

Some of course managed to maintain the link even without the presence of the Magdalene Flame and in those places where they gathered together, in those countries where the Divine Feminine was remembered, managed through sheer force of will, through dedication and discipline to maintain links between themselves and the Goddess and preserve places in which her presence and her magic could be felt. But the tide of time was changing and it was appropriate that the power of the patriarchy should reign and so even in these safe sanctuaries, in time, the Goddess was supplanted by the God.

The seeds of the truth, the ancient mysteries endured and it was through this successful maintenance of the secret that the truth of the Goddess’ existence was restored. Now with the restoration of the Magdalene Flame and now with its powerful distribution through the Roses of the Magdalene, the presence and the power of the Goddess will begin to return in full and mankind will begin to re-explore and discover the presence of the Goddess inside themselves as well as in the nature of their existence. Mankind will begin to feel the gentle, loving, eternal and infinite presence of the Great Lady, the universal mother of all, and in time combine this power with the power of the God, with the power of the Christ, to reach the ultimate face of the Divine that exists when the two co-join together as one.

This channelling then is a call to all of those who would serve the Light to open themselves to this truth and be guided, alone and with others, to begin to journey out into the world and to resurrect the Roses of the Magdalene and aid in the anchoring and distribution of the power of the Magdalene Flame as it becomes more and more manifest on Earth. It is a call to join your consciousness, your heart and soul with ours and aid us in the restoration of your world. In those ancient books, now long since past memory and dust, preserved only in the Akashic Records, it is said that when the world is ready to be reborn the Roses of the Magdalene would bloom again, rising from the Earth, this time not brought into manifestation through tears of sadness but through tears of joy in recognition that the Magdalene and the Christ have been reunited as one and become the new Adam and Eve of the Earth. The time for the completion of this prophecy is now and it can only be completed through your grace and love.

In love then we leave you with these words. In perfect trust and perfect love we take our leave.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay July 2005)


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