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Lord Maitreya speaks:

Copyright © 2005 Jhadten Jewall - Sacred Spaces
Copyright © 2005 Jhadten Jewall
Sacred Spaces

There are many people who believe they know what the Christ is on Earth - priests and Christians, mystics and philosophers, the faithful and the faithless.

The Christ has become subjective, no longer a definite thing, but an allegory, a metaphor, an archetype with the consciousness of humanity.

Here in these pages you will find another version of the Christ, another truth for you to contemplate and see.

This Christ is a messenger and a bridge, part of everything and yet still something, someone separate. A presence, an energy, a Light which burns within all, but which has shone most brightly through a select few, those Avatars who have allowed themselves to be embodied by the Christ's consciousness and power.

This Christ carries truth concerning the future of the world and mankind, its evolution and their ascension, the movement through the end of days to the beginning of the new.

This Christ is a bridge to the Divine that spans the divide of belief and consciousness and energy and enables all to become at one with the great Source of everything. The Christ is a beacon, whose presence and power, whose teachings and truths guide the world back home, guide the world back to their original beginning and Source.

I am this Christ, I the Maitreya, the Cosmic Ascended Master consciousness, this energy of Light, and I invite you to pause for a moment and open your head and your heart, that might find here what you need to know, the truth concerning yourself and your future, your world and your evolutionary aim. I invite you to learn of the Christ and to recognise it as the passion, the burning fire that resides in the core and centre of your heart. Your love for your world and your fellow man.

Open then and be ready to receive the Light of the Christ.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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