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The Holy Spirit

Spirit Copyright © 2005 Joel Moore
Spirit Copyright © 2005 Joel Moore

- Message by Lord Maitreya -

All things found in this Universe will manifest as a trinity in accordance with the three dimensions of your Universe with its sacred geometric shape and form. And so, there is the Father, the source, the Divine and I am its son.

But there is also the power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit is all around you. It is the solution in which we reside. The Holy Spirit is the eminence of the Divine, it is the body of God, it is the great glow of the source that shines from its essence. It is part of the source and yet separate from it, in the same way that the Light that shines from the candle flame is part of the candle flame’s being and yet separate from its body.

I am the current of power that moves through the solution, like electricity moving through water, arcing back towards the point of its beginning, seeking to complete the circuit, to ground the Light in man. The Holy Spirit, the body of God, is conscious, carries within it the divine wisdom and knowledge, and when and only when my spark is illuminated within you will you be able to revel in its wisdom and its secrets, to imbibe its power, to employ its magic, to direct its force in order to truly co-create, for the Holy Spirit is the substance of manifestation, it is the parchment upon which your holy words will be writ. It is the clay that you will shape with your hands in order to bring the world into new manifestation. It is the magical matter required to bring true manifestation into being.

When the Christ spark is illuminated, revealing to you the body of the Divine, the Holy Spirit, then and only then will you ascend to your full power as divine, self-realised beings here on Earth.

So it begins … and it begins now … Meditation

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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