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Edwin Courtenay -

Seer, channel for the Ascended Master and Archangelic Collective, the Crystal Skulls and the Old Gods, a healer, spiritual teacher and magician. Edwin has authored three books.

Jhadten Jewall -

Jhadten creates 'sacred spaces' - places in consciousness where you are one with your soul and its purpose and enjoy every moment of your incarnation!

Abdy -

Abdy anchors the Christ Light that assists people to move forward on their path of Ascension.

Greg Olsen -

Says Olsen, “I like to think that my paintings might remind people of where they can find their strength and comfort, and help reaffirm what’s really important in their lives”.

Yvonne Vetjens -

Yvonne Vetjens has been drawing and painting ever since she could hold a pencil. Her main subjects are fantasy, myth and folklore, plus everything else she feels like creating.

Claire Williams -

Paradigm Shift, Britain's Best Loved Spiritual Magazine, a living library of consciousness raising information. "I love the range and depth of its articles, and the channellings. Each issue is a delight and I've made some great contacts too." Carrie


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