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Lord Maitreya on 2010

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Copyright © 2004 Jhadten Jewall
Sacred Spaces

2010 will be a powerful year when my energy will be felt very powerfully on the Earth, alongside the energies of the Magdalena Flame as represented by Lady Nada and the energy of the Holy Spirit as represented by the Maha Chohan.

This combined energy will allow the two Flames of Light not only to awaken within mankind, but in time merge together in the great Mystic Alchemical Marriage, giving birth to something, which has never been seen upon the Earth before, the co-joined balanced Christ Light energy of the true New Golden Age!

Before then this can be achieved many more will need to be awoken to the Christ energy and to the energy of the Magdalena Flame and much work will need to be done in order to bring the power of the Holy Spirit into greater manifestation here on Earth.

The proposed date for the Great Mystic Marriage is the 10th of October 2010 - the 10 : 10 : 2010 when the numerological energies will be such that a great opening will be achievable with the hearts of many, allowing the descent of the Holy Spirit - a pre-cursor for this transformation - to occur. On this date for many the two flames, which will have already become awoken and stabilised within their hearts, will come together, creating the Rose Gold Flame of the Golden Age, the New Aeon.

This is at the moment a proposed date and in truth anything can and will change this as the Divine and humanity throughout the year, through their actions, decree or make it so.

However, preparation needs to occur now in order for the world to be even potentially ready for such a time. Part of the work then is centered in ensuring that more and more people know the truth concerning my energy and consciousness and the same regarding the Magdalena flame energy.

Also, the work is centered in anchoring and grounding my Light within people's hearts and their lives, within the land itself, using the Ruby Stone and doing the same with the Magdalena Flame, using seeds of Kunzite Stone.

Later, an understanding will be provided of the energy and consciousness of the Holy Spirit and how it can be used and drawn upon by man and what vital role it serves within the spiritual and earthly community.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)

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