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Copyright © 2004 Jhadten Jewall
Sacred Spaces

Mary Magdalene speaks:

It is important to begin by explaining a little more about the nature of the Magdalene Flame. It is important to understand what this power truly represents, why it is so relevant at this moment in time and why so much was sacrificed in order to preserve it.

The world in which you live is one bound by Universal Laws. One of the Universal Laws states that all energy expressed within this space must divide itself into a masculine and feminine polarized piece - a masculine and feminine half.

The Christ energy, the Maitreya force, is a consciousness that was created as one of the first three souls from the divine source. It was created in order to aid mankind in finding their way back to unification.

It was breathed into each and every soul that was born from the body of the Divine and has continued to be breathed into each and every soul that has followed these first few. It exists within the centre of your hearts, and when it awakens it aligns you to your soul, your higher self and through the soul back towards the Divine. When it awakens it steers you towards re-unification, it awakens your spiritual awareness and your awareness of your spiritual path of the divine will and plan and it leads you home.

This presence, however, entered into your reality, became polarized by the divine Law of Polarity into two halves, that that was known as the Christ Flame and that which is now known as the Magdalene Flame.

The Christ Flame steers the consciousness of the individual back towards the divine Father and through the divine Father to the divine source, whereas the Magdalene Flame steers the seeker back to the divine Mother and through the divine Mother to the divine source.

When both flames are present within the heart they enable an individual to become aligned to both Mother and Father presences and to co-join inside themselves on Earth these two divine pieces together as one, so that they may become a living conduit through which the divine source may finally manifest here on Earth, no longer polarized, but co-joined in perfect unity and perfection, bringing Heaven to Earth and aligning Earth to Heaven.

In the beginning, the Christ Flame and the Magdalene Flame existed side by side. In some people it was in a state of imbalance, but in all people it was present. But as the vibrations fell and the pendulum began to swing, the flames started to gutter on Earth, their existences becoming unpredictable, imbalanced and endangered.

If the Magdalene Flame had completely been extinguished, there would have been no balanced route back to the Divine and the re-unification would have been impossible and the world and the universe would have been lost. That is why it was so important that I carried the Magdalene Flame and ensured its protection and its survival.

Now the time has come for the Magdalene Flame to return in its fullness. Work done by mankind and energies bombarded upon the planet have enabled the consciousness of the world to open significantly enough to contemplate the possible existence of the divine feminine presence, so that the Magdalene Flame could finally return and with the awakening of the Roses of the Magdalene, vortexes of energy, that were put in place a long time ago by myself, would reawaken in the future and be used to help anchor the Magdalene Flame, the female Christ energy, within the hearts and minds of men and women and aid in the evolution of your planet.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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