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The Bi-Quintiles of October 2004

I am the Archangel Ratziel, the angel of hidden things, the occult angel who is the revealer of truth submerged and lost. It is time now for mankind to know and realize the truth that has been spoken of only in half terms in the past, but which now is ready to be revealed so that man may work with it in an intimate and personal way as well as globally throughout your entire world.

We speak then of the Bi-Quintiles that are about to transpire in October of this year and which will bring to the Earth a very powerful energy – an energy that has been here upon the planet before in man, but which was then submerged for a thousand years and which has long since been returning to this planet in order to combine with the energy that replaced it, creating a harmony, a marriage, a perfect balance that will bring mankind and the world in which they live back to a state of paradise and bliss.

The energy of the Goddess is a primary ingredient for re-creation. It is an elemental, essential energy, which is required in order for all consciousness and matter to be transformed into its highest state, to return to its evolutionary, unfolded, pure and quintessential nature.

Mankind was incarnated upon the planet, expressed here through the divine grace of the source, of God, in order to experience life, in order to experience limited reality, in order to crystallize inside themselves as physical beings upon this Earth, upon this planet, the very nature of their own inner divinity, the very nature of God made manifest in the physical world. But God, the divine source, is many things, both Goddess and God, both masculine and feminine, both yin and yang. And in the beginning, when the vibration upon the Earth was pure, these two essential elements existed balanced within mankind. Mankind was pure, aligned to the polarisation of the source’s energy. Mankind was both God and Goddess in microcosm, even though they were separated into their own physical genders.

But as life upon the planet evolved, mankind swayed towards one or other of the polarities, first of all experiencing a Golden Age of feminine harmony, with the presence of the Divine Mother as paramount and most powerful upon the planet. This was an age of tranquillity and peace, harmony, receptivity, awareness. It was an age of love, sensuality, sensitivity, nurturing and growth. It was an age in which mankind lived in harmony with nature and in harmony with the presence of the elemental beings that existed side by side with them in this world.

But this age was meant to pass, the swing of the pendulum moving away from the presence of the Divine Mother energy and back towards the presence of the God. Such was the nature of the crystallized force of the power of the Divine on the planet until a time when the vibration of the world would rise in harmony again and the two energies of the God and the Goddess be able to co-exist side by side as one. And so the world entered its Piscean age, and the Goddess was suppressed, replaced, obscured, hidden, veiled by the rising presence of the God force - the son. Christianity embraced and represented this energy. It played its part in the swing of the energetic pendulum, suppressing, destroying, obscuring the presence of the Goddess force within the hearts and minds of man. Women were suppressed during this age, their power ignored, obliterated, forgotten, but the Goddess always existed below the surface, sleeping, waiting, resting, biding her time for her return.

The consciousness within the planet at this moment in time is rising, irrespective of what is reported in the media. The energy of mankind is growing and their realisation and awakenment day by day becoming more powerful and more clear. We are moving back into an era of perfect balance, where once again the presence of the God and the Goddess can stand side by side within mankind and upon the planet, where we can connect with the totality of all through the completed facets of that totality’s polarities here on Earth.

Only when the polarities are in place, only when the God and the Goddess force is rekindled within us, within man, within the world can the sacred marriage and union be completed that will enable man to transcend beyond the polarity of the God and the Goddess, beyond the polarities that exist inside themselves and enter back into the unified androgyny of the Divine. Only when these pieces are in place can mankind return once again to their quintessential alchemical self.

The Goddess then now at this moment in time returns, she returns into the consciousness of man, she returns into the consciousness of the planet. Her energy is awoken in every atom, in every molecule, in every fibre of existence. The Shekinah energy released will re-inform the consciousness of matter and mankind as to their capacity to become what they desire to be. It will free the world and mankind from the social conditionings that have imprisoned them for so long, that have been so connected with the imbalanced masculine energy of science and physics and mathematics. It will free mankind to the infinite possibilities of truth; it will enable them to shuffle off the shackles of limitation and finally once again become the limitless beings that they once were.

The energy of the Goddess then is consciousness and power, it is self-realization, it is remembrance, it is communion and it is acknowledgement of the divine truth. And the divine truth is this: that the ultimate source, the source that lies beyond the Divine - the void, the infinite and eternal chaotic ocean of primordial possibility, the sleeping consciousness of the divine source itself - is feminine; that the origin, the ultimate beginning, because of its creative nature is feminine, and that it is only through the completion of the feminine’s replacement into the consciousness of mankind and the energy of the planet that we can reconnect with our ultimate source, that we can acknowledge that our link to the ultimate Divine is through the feminine principle here on Earth, here within the consciousness of man, here within our world.

The Goddess’s return then promises the sacred union, the sacred marriage, the co-joining of the masculine and feminine force, the alchemical co-joining of the polarities and charges of primordial nature that will take us to the divine consciousness, the divine source and beyond it, to the void, to our ultimate end, which was our ultimate and original beginning. It is time now that we re-embrace our power, that we recognize the magic in the world, that we acknowledge the living presence of the Gods amongst us in every flower that breathes, in every gust of wind and drop of rain, that we recognize once again that we are not detached from our reality or our creators, but part of them, as everything is, and that everything that we create through the co-creative power that we wield and express is part of this divine inheritance too.

The two pentacles that will appear in the night sky will bring various energies to your planet, energies that the planet needs in order to enter into this sacred marriage.

The first star, on 1st October 2004, will shower the planet with balanced elemental energy, the five points of the star of course representing spirit, earth, air, fire and water. These elemental energies are required in order to create a foundation, a balance, a strong, sturdy base upon which the sacred marriage can occur. The balance of the elements are essential in order for the later alchemical transformations to take place. The first star then will realign inside each and every person upon the planet their elemental balance and also the elemental balance within the world itself.

Preparatory work that can be done, in order to ensure that each individual who is awoken to such truth is ready to embrace the energy of this rebalancing Pentagram, can be done along the lines of meditation and contemplation in order to realize the presence of the elements inside themselves: their thoughts, their feelings, their passions, motivations and desires and their grounded awareness, their stability, their anchored earthiness, their growth; by looking at their diet, by focusing on the elements outside and inside of themselves, by calling upon the angels who represent these elemental energies: Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Azrael and Michael. They can draw the balanced energies into their being and they can correct any imbalances that occur, preparing them for the sacred marriage that will transpire.

The second pentacle in the sky will bring forward onto the Earth the presence of the starry cosmic Goddess. The energy of the Goddess that has been placed upon the planet up until this time has been preparation for her true coming in October. The energy of the Venus transit awakening us to our own inner love so that our hearts would be open to welcome the presence of the Goddess who came to us then as maiden, as mother; but now the Goddess chooses to shine her Light upon us in her more starry and cosmic aspects.

We have been prepared, we have become the chalice, as Mary Magdalene was, we have become the vessel, so that we may hold the energy of the divine Light of the mother, the nurturing, nourishing power of the Goddess. She comes to us now on October the 28th as Shekinah – the divine feminine principle, the queen of heaven, the consort of Jehovah or YHWH (Yahweh), the queen of all. When she enters into us in this way she aligns us to our own Eve Kadmon, to the divine feminine blueprint that exists inside us. She completes that that was begun. She gives us the opportunity and the power to enter into mastery by becoming both God and Goddess, by becoming both male and feminine principle of energy, by aligning ourselves with her and entering into this sacred union of celestial marriage.

These two pentacles then are gateways and windows. They are portals, they are apertures, they are doorways through which the energy of the elements and the Goddess may be poured upon the planet. They are to prepare and align us for the co-joining of our own inner God and Goddess, our own inner masculine and feminine force.

Now, it is important to understand that people will experience these things in different ways depending upon the polarity balance that exists inside themselves already. Those who are already aligned with the Goddess may feel very little, other than a reaffirming of the presence of the Goddess inside themselves. But those who are not particularly connected to their own inner Goddess connection, the presence and power of the Goddess that is naturally within them, will feel a great shift and power.

Those who have always in the past been more aligned to the presence of the God energy, these people will feel a softening, an awakening, a deeper connection to the world around them, a greater sense of cosmic unity, a greater sense of unity consciousness, an awareness of themselves extending through nature, an awareness of their own creative, magical, eternal and infinite being, a sense of themselves from the very first moment of self-conscious awareness as a cell within the body of the divine source to this point now, a reconnection to their eternity, to their beginning. Also, some individuals will identify with the presence and the power of the Goddess through a particular archetype.

Many will connect with the Goddess energy through the figure of the Magdalene, through the energy that she came to represent – the chalice, the Holy Grail, the vessel who held the sacred promise, the promise of continued communion and connection with the Light divine, the maiden energy, the teacher of love, of sensuality, of the presence of God found in the physical form, found upon the physical Earth. Others, dependent upon their own soul nature, will connect with the presence of the Mother or the crone, sometimes embodied as Mary, sometimes embodied as Cerridwen. It is dependent of course always upon the consciousness of the individual as to exactly how they will receive the energy, but if they can take themselves into a purer state, if they can align themselves to their higher consciousness during these two moments where the energies of the elements and where the energy of the Goddess pours forth upon the Earth, then they will receive the power in its purest form and they will recognize the Goddess as Shekinah – the feminine divine principle, the great Goddess of all.

These two dates then are very important times. People should meditate alone or in groups. They should call the presence of the five archangels, they should call the presence of the Goddess, they should draw the presence of the Goddess into themselves as individuals and as a group, holding the energy of the template, of the great starry Goddess in and around themselves, so that she may reawaken, rekindle the energy within their atoms, their mind, their heart, their spirit and their soul.

What transpires after this point is largely unknown, but it will be a significant moment of change, a powerful shift within the consciousness and hearts of those who exist here upon the planet at this time.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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