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The Magdalene Flame

In this universe there are laws that govern the forces both material and spiritual. These laws exercise power over everything that enters here, including the highest divine expression and the lowest manifested material thing.

There are forces within this universe that have revealed themselves to mankind that are known and talked about and drawn upon. But all of these forces in one way or another will be made manifest here in polarity, even though the counterpart of the force that is known may not be known to mankind at this moment in time.

Our message is one which identifies a polarity which up until this moment in time has been largely hidden from the consciousness of man but which is soon to be not only revealed but also returned to the physical plane and to the hearts of man and womankind.

This force is ancient and powerful and was once known by man and woman on Earth but has long since been forgotten and receded into the dim recollection of the consciousness of the world. Now it is time for it to return.

The Christ energy is known by many different names depending upon the cultures and civilisations that have drawn upon its power or recognised its presence as it has shone through those who have embodied it. The Buddha once held this Light, as did Krishna, as did most famously of all the Ascended Master Jesus. The Christ consciousness, the Christ Light, the Christ energy, is known by another name within the spiritual community, that of Maitreya. It is a force which can be likened to a consciousness and is often described as a Cosmic Ascended Master being, though in truth it is more akin to a carrier wave frequency or bridging force that connects the consciousness of man to the consciousness of the Divine.

The Maitreya is one of three primary souls which were created at the beginning of time from the Divine Source, the first three souls who were the expressions of the Divine born into limited space, time and reality, three primary cells born from the body of God into our universe, into the reality that you now call home. The other two souls serve a similar function to the function of the Maitreya. They too are bridging consciousness, one who bridges the divide that exists between the consciousness of our planet, Gaia, and the consciousness of mankind, this Cosmic Ascended Master being known as Sanat Kumara. The other Cosmic Ascended Master being is the Maha Cohan. The Maha Cohan is responsible for connecting and aligning each and every spirit to those sources of power and guidance that can assist and aid them throughout their spiritual journey: their guides and guardian angels, their patron Masters and Archangels and all other forces that they might connect to and with in order to serve their soul’s higher purpose.

But today it is the Maitreya force that is the focus of our message. Before, in the past, mankind has only ever recalled the presence of the Maitreya energy as a masculine force that has expressed itself through masculine Masters. The Maitreya, the Christ (which means the anointed spark), has only ever shone through those human beings, those men, of great self-mastery and power who walked the Earth and served the Divine by shining the Light of the Christ into the hearts and minds of men and women.

This was not always so, although it is history in accordance with the spiritual recollections of most. But in ancient times, in ancient Atlantis, there was another expression of the Maitreya force, another expression of the Christ energy, which was often seen manifest on Earth. For reasons which we will explain later, we will refer to this energy as the Magdalene Flame. The Magdalene Flame is the feminine counterpart of the Christ energy or the Maitreya. It is the feminine expression of this Cosmic Ascended Master consciousness, it is the counterpart, it is the polarised, opposite energy of the masculine Maitreya energy and consciousness.

The Magdalene Flame was first made manifest through an individual in ancient Atlantis in the body of a priestess who was the ruling force within the temple of the Divine Mother there. The Magdalene Flame serves a similar function to the Maitreya energy, but it guides mankind, aligns and connects them, not to the masculine representation of the Divine Source, the Father God, but to the feminine representation of the Divine Source, the Mother Goddess. It aligns man and womankind to the creatrix energy, to the force which is in essence the mother and origin of all.

Before we would detail more of the nature of the Magdalene Flame and speak of why it has been for so long absent from your world and why and when it is now due to return, we would first justify the comment that we have made regarding the nature of the Mother Goddess as being the true origin and source of all. As some will already know, manifestation within limited space and time occurs through reflection.

An entity appears in the highest realms of your universe and as it journeys closer and closer to the physical dimension, is reborn in different vibrational levels, taking on different shapes and forms which are lower octaves, lower manifestations of its original nature and self. These lower manifestations can seem very different from their original countenance, often taking on separate, individual characters, adopting new names, new images, new shapes and understandings, an example of which would be the archangel Melchizedek, the angel of communion, who in the lower realms of vibrational expression is known as the archangel Michael, the archangel of the South. It is true to say that these two angelic beings are the same and yet it is also true to say that they are separate. Michael is a lower expression of Melchizedek’s presence, a lower reflection of Melchizedek’s Light.

The Mother Goddess exists within your limited space and time universe. The Mother Goddess and the Father God are the polarised expressions of the Divine Source and the Mother Goddess has many faces and names as her energy has reached down towards manifestation. In one of her highest forms she is known as Shekinah; in one of her slightly lower manifestations Sophia. As we move further and further down the vibrational scale she is known in more Earthly countenances, moving from the celestial to the physical throughout cultures and times, throughout traditions and religions, but she is in essence always the same.

The spiritual community has largely been taught to believe that the Source of all creation, the Divine Source, is neither male nor female but a perfect, combined energy, a balanced force. The Creator of your universe is indeed this being, an omnipresent, infinite, multidimensional consciousness, perfectly balanced, whole and neutral, unconditional, non-judgemental and ultimately and infinitely loving. But this being is not the beginning but a product of something that transcends it. The void, or Audesh as the void is also known, is a chaotic ocean of infinite probability. It is a consciousness which is described as sleeping and dreaming, an ocean of primordial chaos, raging in its tumultuous sleep as it dreams constantly of the universe that is manifest. The Divine Source is the void’s dream, a dream that was made manifest from the ocean of chaos from which all of mankind’s universe was born; non-limited and limited space, time and reality, everything that you know and everything that you aspire to learn of.

Because of the nature of reflection, because of the nature of the octave manifestation of energy and consciousness, the void sought unconsciously presence within our limited space and time and so enforced unconsciously upon our limited universe the Law of Polarity, which would ensure that when the Divine Source placed itself within our universe it would manifest as both Father God and Mother Goddess, the Mother Goddess being that octave of the void that is found within the Divine Source, the microcosm of Audesh within the macrocosm of the Divine Source itself.

Therefore, the Maitreya (the Christ) and the Magdalene Flame represent, on an octave level, the Father God, the Mother Goddess, the Divine Source, and Audesh the void, the void being the ultimate source of creation; the Magdalene Flame being then not only our link to the Mother Goddess but also to the void, that stands behind the source of all creation.

The Magdalene Flame existed as a consciousness which inspired and rested within the hearts of men and women upon the planet for some time. As with the Maitreya, it is a consciousness which at times shone within women in order to teach and guide and perform miraculous things in order to inspire mankind towards their return, their return to the Divine Source, to the Mother and Father God and Goddess. It was a presence which resided within certain women, as the Christ force has resided within certain men. But there came a time when the force of the Magdalene Flame no longer flourished. This change was foreseen.

In fact it was always part of the plan. The Divine Source knew that in order for mankind to eventually return to it, they would have to journey through a series of expressions of the polarity of the masculine and feminine dominant force on Earth. This has been experienced and accomplished through the shifting of the ages and as mankind entered the Piscean Age, which was ushered into existence from the point of the birth of the Master Jesus onwards, through his life, past his death, through the rising of the Christian Church up until very recently, prior to and at the point of the turn into the 21st century, the new millennium, the Age of Aquarius, when we would begin to re-embrace the presence of the Mother Goddess here on Earth and welcome back the Magdalene Flame.

In Jesus’ life then, the Magdalene Flame existed. It had become suppressed already, almost completely forgotten, most certainly by most ignored, but it was still present and in some temples venerated and honoured, even by those religions which now deny its very existence. It shone through Mary the mother of Jesus the Master but it shone most brightly through Jesus’ consort and lover, Mary Magdalene, from whom in this period of history, in which we currently live, it takes its name.

Mary Magdalene was not what we have come to believe her to be. She was a priestess, an ancient spirit, wise and knowledgeable in the ways of the Goddess and all her sensual delights. She was an innocent and was trained from birth to carry and express the Light of the Magdalene Flame for possibly the last time for two thousand years upon our world. It was her destiny she knew to join the flame that she carried inside herself with its masculine counterpart, the Maitreya energy, which was contained within Jesus the Master, which she did. The kindling of these flames, the joining of these two in love, achieved many things; not only the co-joining of this power but also the continuance of a line of genetic information from ancient Atlantis that was contained within their physical forms too.

When the flame of the Maitreya and the Magdalene spark were joined together for the last time, a great and powerful energy descended upon the Earth in preparation for what was to come. It silenced many ancient powers and ushered the beginning of a change and transition which would lead eventually to the ultimate transformation of the Earth. It was the harbinger of the Age of Pisces, a time of masculine dominance, and after the flames were joined together, after the energy of their sacred marriage and union had descended upon the planet, after various powers had been hidden and silenced and tucked away within the body of the Earth, the Magdalene Flame disappeared from our world, seemingly for ever.

This was how it was meant to be, two thousand years of patriarchal dominance which would serve a purpose and a function which has now run its course. The Divine Mother seeks to reawaken within the world and within the hearts of men and women. Now in this Aquarian Age it is time, not simply for her power to return but for her power to co-join with the presence of the Maitreya, of the Father God in the world and within the hearts of men and women within the planet, so together they may birth the androgyny of the future race of men and women that will return to the Divine Source by raising Earth to heaven and co-joining the two as one.

Now the Magdalene spark desires to return and on the 14th November the power will begin to re-emerge upon the planet. All the work that has been done prior to this point, the energy of the bi-quintiles, the releasing of the sacred seal that will usher the presence of the Goddess back onto the Earth, are forerunners, harbingers, for the return of the Magdalene Flame. When the world is ready, on 14th November, the Magdalene spark will begin to return to the planet and the hearts of men and women. It will enter upon a specific place on the Earth and from this point, carried by the Light of those men and women who have been chosen to receive it first, it will shine outwards and it will awaken deep within the core of all those who reside here. In some the spark will burst instantly into flame as they open their arms to receive it, in others it will kindle only as a glowing ember, waiting to be released and re-awoken. But it will return, it will return and it will mark the beginning.

The Magdalene spark represents the Mother Goddess and Audesh the void, the dreamer. The Maitreya represents the Father God and the Divine Source, the dream. The dream without the dreamer is nothing and the dreamer without a dream is nothing also. When the dreamer and the dream are reunited as one, a new dream can be created by their offspring. When the Magdalene Flame and the Maitreya Flame are combined within the hearts of mankind, their power to procreate in accordance with the Divine will be complete and the power of responsibility will rest once again in their hands, to rebirth the world and raise it back into the higher levels of heaven. Your destiny is not to transcend this world but to transmute it, to carry it into the gates of the celestial, into the gates of heaven, to transform it into its highest counterpart, to become God-realised here on Earth. And this is the beginning, this is the beginning of the new dream.

On 14th November then prepare yourselves, open yourselves, wait patiently. We do not know how long it will take for the energy of the Magdalene Flame to begin to flow around your world but if you gather together and open yourselves, waiting for this down pouring of Light, if you prepare the way, create a space, enter into the right state of consciousness, then alone or together you may begin to feel the force as it flows through your world and enters back into your hearts. Mary Magdalene was a vessel, a channel, a chalice, she carried the feminine fire of the Divine Source, the fire of the Goddess, the ultimate creatrix. Lady Nada, the Lady Ascended Master who was once Mary Magdalene, will oversee this powerful return of Light to the world. Call upon her. Call upon Mary, who also carried this Light, call upon the Divine Mother herself, Sophia, and her higher aspect Shekinah, open yourselves and prepare to birth the Magdalene Flame in your hearts. This is the beginning but more will come.

Take our words in love and Light and peace.


(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay October 2004)


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